Branding India: An incredible story is a riveting behind-the-scenes- narrative of an extraordinary campaign. A campaign that gathered the disparate cultures of 28 states, 7 union territories, distilled the essence to showcase to the world a single big brand called Incredible India. Tourists came in droves, foreign exchange earnings increased and India became the darling of global tourist magazines.

Jut how did this happen? The book is an honest account of this process (2001-08). From the time the campaign was conceived & launched (it was a period of several global crises) to the time other sectors like the hotel industry, civil aviation and e-business came of age to boost the tourist industry. However, Kant makes it clear that Incredible India is not just a well-marketed idea but the result of hard work over a period of time.

Eye-catching with its colorful pages, the book presents case studies, facts & figures, innovative trends, some of the promotional material and newer forms of tourism like rural & medical value tourism.